Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Fearless Goals

New basic design pack

As the title suggests, this post is all about taking oneself farther, faster, and igniting a little inspirational fire, if you will... It's the middle of winter here in Montreal and I'm definitely feeling the need to kick start my energy and get the creative juices flowing! To this end, I'm issuing myself a personal challenge.

As it stands, I've got 67 listings in my Etsy shop. It's an odd number and to me, it feels kind of not here, not there. So, I've decided I should have 100 instead, and I should have them soon! Valentine's is a day away, mid February, and I'll endeavour to have 33 new items in the shop by the middle of March. No hiding from a public announcement!

No sense in asking myself if it's possible either, since I've always been one of those firm "anything's possible" believers. It sure doesn't feel any less daunting though! Well what's life if you don't try, eh?! I'm looking forward to seeing what I come up with...

And there you have it! Please feel free to comment, offer requests (although I have no idea where the design universe will take me!), or share a current goal of your own no matter how crazy! We can encourage each other.


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

First Post

My contribution to the facebook hop

Hi everyone!

It's my first toutAimée blog post, just a quick one, to say I'm glad to be here and looking forward to having lots of fun with this! There's been a lot for me to learn to get to this point and it's continuous but I'm so excited!

I've got my Etsy shop and my facebook page and now my blog and dare I say, I'm feeling pretty proud! I hope so much to use this space to share thoughts and ideas, diy projects, freebies of course, and a whole host of other stuff sure to be enjoyable to all.

Definitely check out my freebie page! I've already added something for anyone who wants to download FREE digital patterns and clip art. I intend to always be offering these kinds of free packages, some of which I will coordinate with the design packs I'm offering in my Etsy shop (as the one you'll find today) and others I just design on a whim or perhaps on request...

And speaking of freebies, I'm currently participating in a big giveaway event on facebook, It's called a facebook Hop, and thanks to 18 other wonderful designers from the Etsy Digital Designers group, you can collect 19 fantastic Valentine's Day inspired free graphic and pattern packs just by hopping from page to page. Click on the pink tab with the hearts, 'like' the pages and download your free artwork! How easy is that?!

So, I guess I had a bit more to say than I thought, but now I'm done! Over here, the sun is shining brightly through my window and I'm sending a little out there for all of you too! 

Have a great day!